Artificial light

In todays thriving and restless society, artificial light has become an important and integral part of everyday life. Fire may have been used by our ancestors as far back as 2-6 million years ago but it is still thought of as the quintessential human invention. Lighting is so integrated into our lifestyle as to be barely noticeable. It allows us to take advantage of shelter by opening up the indoors and eliminating the vagaries of the outdoor environment. It quite simply extends the day which provides us with the opportunity to be just as product at night as during the day. 





Here at Polygon, we are looking towards the future of lighting and what that could potentially look like. We want to rethink the way we interact with and use artificial light. 

Our first product, Polygon lights, is a lighting system that is rapidly modular and dynamic. Originally inspired by the idea of turning the interior architecture into the light source, Polygon lights allows the user to just swipe the walls where they need light. The environment becomes the source of light and the modular pieces allow for custom structures to fit any interior. 




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