Johnson Tiles innovation award.

 by James Vanderpant 



After dedicating my whole final year of university to developing Polygon lights I had the opportunity to display my first prototype at the New Designers exhibition in London in 2016. I was very fortunate to be given the chance to represent University of Brighton at this public event and made sure I made the most of the occasion.


New designers is an exceptional exhibition and the perfect platform to kickstart your career as an emerging designer. It is the place to be if you are looking to enter the design industry either as an employee or with your own business. Many of the industries experts and leaders are in attendance and its a chance to get the exposure you need to push your project forward. 

James Vanderpant Johnson tiles innovation award new designers polygon lights



My project caught the attention of the Johnson tiles team. I managed to keep them for long enough to give them an in depth pitch on the roots of the project and also the opportunities going forward. It seemed to resonate well with them and I would later find out that they chose me to give their innovation award to.


Receiving the award was a great honor and it was awesome to get recognition for all the hard work that had been put in. Especially from such a large and established company. I didn’t start the project with the intention to receive an award but when it happens it is a nice feeling to know that what you are doing is having an impact and also gaining recognition amongst your peers.


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Johnson tiles innovation award james vanderpant polygon lights

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