The Importance of Good Design.


A thorough design process can often make or break a product. In this modern world, consumers are becoming incredibly more savvy and are able to recognize poorly designed items. Not only that but as a society we are increasingly demanding the very best quality and functionality from the products we are purchasing.



We live in a consumer-led society, so any company looking to succeed will need to ensure that their products are at the highest level of design before they hit the market. Demand has never been higher, with dozens of companies vying for consumer sales, so making a product that stands out from the crowd is incredibly important; it only takes a few seconds for a consumer to decide if they want to purchase a product or not.


For many designers, the key to success is creating a functional and easy-to-understand product - good design does not require complex instructions. Take a look back over the years and those items which have stood the test of time and become part of everyday use are those which are simple.



Of course the best designs are those which adapt to changing demands. Companies need to continue to listen and adapt to what their customers are saying about their products, changing them accordingly. Here at Polygon, that is exactly what we do and our lighting system has been specifically created with consumers in mind. We have also carefully chosen the partners that we work with to ensure they carry the same ethos as us, allowing us to create innovative lighting designs.


We hope to continue to push the envelope with more creative products in the future. If you are wanting to add light to your home, check out our range of magnetic tiles and discover the endless limits of shapes you can create! 



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