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Here at Polygon, we like to think a little differently. Based in the heart of New York City, we focus on creating unique, design-based products that are not only beautiful but are creative and highly functional too.


 Polygon lights founder james vanderpant in the product design studio


polygon lights founder james vanderpant product design studio.  

Good design has and will always be vital in helping you to stand out amongst the noise. That is why we place a huge emphasis on the creative process, taking inspiration from as many different sources and industries that we can. By focusing on creating well-designed and thoughtful products, we ensure that our products are always well received.


Our team truly understands what good design requires and we love creating new products. This ethos and passion is shared by the select product partners that we work with, allowing us to operate as a vertically integrated organization; guaranteeing that our customers can enjoy the highest quality products possible. 

 polygon team design process


For us, the best part of creating these products is being able to see the way our customers engage and interact with our products. We are fascinated with products that allow the end-user to be creative and our lighting lets our customers build a solution that is unique to them.


Our goal for the future is to continue to innovate and produce exciting products, alongside developing and improving on our existing range. We’re very excited to see what the future can bring! 

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