10 Tile Cork Pack

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Polygon Cork Tiles are a modular pin board that can be connected in with the Polygon light tile system. Design your own bulletin board, any size or any shape. This Pack includes 10 cork tiles.  




Polygon cork tiles line drawing whats included in the cork pack
Whats included:
10 cork tiles.
15 wooden pins. 
Sticky pads.

 polygon cork tiles sound absorbent and sound proof for podcast
Sound absorbent.
The material qualities of cork make it great for stopping echo's in interior spaces. Use these tiles to improve the sound quality of your podcast or audio system. 

 polygon cork tiles manufacture sustainable material harvesting
Sustainably made.
Cork trees are not cut down to obtain the cork; only the bark is stripped and it will grow backCork oak forests support one of the highest levels of biodiversity among forests habitats. 

 polygon cork tiles with cable management and polygon logo

Cable management. 

The rear design of the tiles allows for cables to pass underneath them. Use them to hide unwanted cables running a long the wall.  



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