15 Tile Bundle Pack

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30-Day Guarantee | 1-Year Warranty 

Polygon 15 Tile Bundle pack includes 1 Starter pack & 1 Expansion pack for a total of 15 tiles. 

Whats Included:
-15 tile modules.
-Power supply (with 2 metre cable). 
-Sticky pads.

 *Each power supply can operate 65 light tiles.

Polygon light ideas
  Some 15 tile designs
Built to last.
Polygon ™ light tiles use the latest in LED technology. This gives them a life span of over 50,000 hours. Thats 17 years at 8 hours a day!

Fit to your space.
The Polygon ™ tiles are completely modular! Build them into any structure and allow your creativity to shape your space. 

Tactile experience.
Touch sensitive lighting brings you closer to the technology. A fun and engaging physical interaction. 

Polygon copies. 
Hear our story of how the success of Polygon has made it a big target for plagiarism.