Here at Polygon, we like to think a little differently. Based in the heart of New York City, we focus on creating unique, design-focused products. 



polygon touch design and innovation sketch book Design and innovation 
A true reflection of our values, our design process allowed us to bring unparalleled innovation to the lighting industry. We believe in products that are creative, beautiful and functional. 



 Polygon about quality and craftsmanship hand selecting materials
  Quality & Craftsmanship
We've selected production partners who share the same degree of passion for quality that we do for design. This allows us to operate as a vertically integrated organization, guaranteeing the highest levels of quality for all our products. Link to design journal.
  polygon light touch hexagon

Where our story began. 

Polygon lights first started out as James Vanderpant's University project. The concept for the lights came from looking at over illumination in commercial spaces, watch the video above or check out our blog post here for more info.

Also, check out our video and blog post on the copycats out there.      

  polygon light touch hexagon

  Polygon light tiles founder james vanderpant

Polygon Founder - James Vanderpant  

Merging his skills in industrial and lighting design to create products that are beautiful and functional. James can’t stand clutter and seeks to promote a clean, minimalist aesthetic, focused on tactile and engaging product interactions. 

James says "For us, the best part of creating these products is being able to see the way our customers engage and interact with them. We are fascinated with products that allow the end-user to be creative and our tiles let our customers build a solution that is unique to them."

Check out some content from our customers here.




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