How it works. 

Plug in. Only one module needs to be plugged in. Simply connect your the first module to the cable and then the power transfers from one hexagon to another. Build in any direction and in any shape!  
Modular tiles. Magnetic edges mean each tile clips into place. Piece together each module by sliding it together with its neighbor.  The magnets and interlocking structure will self locate and attach.   
Swipe for light. Just touch the surface of the module to turn it on. It is capacitive touch which mean they detect your proximity so no need to press hard. This technology allows you to swipe over the modules and illuminate the path of your touch.  
Customize lighting levels. Only use as much as you need. More modules means more illumination. You can customize the brightness by adjusting the amount of hexagons turned on/off. 
All done! Get creative and tag us in your designs to be featured on our page @polygonlights