At Polygon we love making products that allow the customer to be creative. Our tiles can be installed in any configuration so we love seeing what people create. Check out some of Polygon customer uploads below.

polygon lights 5 star reviews



 Polygon lights video of customer using the touch lighting system customer review
polygon lights customer swiping across light installation touch lighting  
 polygon lights flower small girl swiping touch sensitive lighting
polygon lights youtube unboxing review touch sensitive lighting  
polygon lights instagram video swiping touch sensitive tile lights
 instagram video of polygon lights with packaging touch lighting set up
polygon lights review and unboxing youtube video from losgranostv
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Based on 37 reviews
Out of stock. New Shipment When??

Trying to get a hold of someone to see when I can order 5 or 10 pack green plant tile pack ..Thanks.

Nice light art

I am happy with the result I could achieve combining cork and light tiles. Warm white color matched my expectations as well. I would to have control over brightness and multicolor though.

15 Tile Bundle Pack
Sharon Mundey
My sons Christmas present

My son had seen these online and asked for them. Easy to put together (luckily had an adaptor plug, we are in England) so after figuring out the pattern he wanted, they were up on the wall within the hour. He's put them above his bed as he loves to read and this works much better than his old bedside lamp. He's very pleased with them and his sister wants them now!

Starter Pack
Lots of Light

We bought 2 starter packs & plan to keep adding on until every room in the house has them. They are wonderful. Convenient. Practical. Money well spent.

Starter Pack
Good but semi-permanent

They look awesome on the wall and respond to touch as expected (a bit brighter than expected but that's not necessarily a bas thing) but make sure you line it up straight because you might not be able to make slight adjustsments. In my case, the sticky tape took paint off when I removed one to adjust it. This means, the lights will very likely never accidentally fall but not so easy to move about. Alternatively, nails should work as expected.

With all that said, I plan to buy more at some point

Starter Pack
Becky in boynton
Beautiful functional and unique!

the starter set is so versatile and it brightens up my decor. I can't wait for the greenery to be back in stock.

Starter Pack
Thaddeus Davis
Love it!

I bought 3 packs of lights and I am extremely pleased witH the ease of use and design possibilities.


It’s so cool but unfortunately it’s not available in Saudi Arabia 💔.

Lookin cool, but not available in my country :(

I wish this was available in South Africa:( This looks so cool!

Starter Pack
Derrick Williams

lookin too futuristic! love it!


Hi! Hope it will be available here in Saudi Arabia!

Starter Pack
Antonio Gonzalez
Love it

Fu**ing awesome!!!

Expansion Pack
Szilagyi Szabolcs
special product special services

I got the product after a some waiting, but worth the effort, the service is very good and the communication too.

Starter Pack
Matthew Jones
Great with one suggestion

Love the product and will probably order more in the future. Also, everyone who has seen it is impressed. My one thing is that the adhesive straps work a little too well. Perhaps in the future more communication concerning potential damage (when removed) to the surface you choose to use them on would be good.

Thanks Matthew! Great to hear the lights are going down well.
We do like to make sure the lights stay on the wall but send us an email and maybe we can help out with the wall damages :)

Expansion Pack
Chung shun vangdo
Look look

Crazyyy product

It is crazy!
Thanks chung

Expansion Pack
Lawrence Day
How have I only just seen this

Great product, has so many applications. Customer service amazing

Thanks Lawrence!

Starter Pack

So glad I made this purchase! Excellent quality, really easy to use and they have transformed my bedroom, Can’t wait to add more!

Let us know if you can send us a picture of your set up, we love seeing customer creativity!

Expansion Pack
Miles Wagner
Lights up a wall!

A simply wonderful piece of design! They look great on the wall in my living room and are quite the conversation piece. Easy to install, easy to use, a joy to behold.

We love to hear that people are talking about them! Always a great ice breaker...

Starter Pack
Demi Nash

I love my lights, was bought for a birthday present. Love the design, and really simple to use.

Starter Pack
Gary Waldon

I love my polygon lights. So cool have them in my office and love making different designs. So easy to install. Can't wait to add to them and make it bigger.

Cool lights

Great product and look great everywhere. Will be buying more for sure.

Starter Pack
Jo Thompson
Cool design lights

Absolutely love these lights, versatile, with a cool design. Will definitely be buying more. Great in any room.

Fantastic light

Put the light in my office and looks great . Easy to install and looks very impressive will be buying more
Can be used in so many different ways and us so flexible

Best lights ever

Lovely light I put them in my lounge and they look great. Excellent quality will definitely be buying more.

Good reading light

I have put these lights in my bedroom they are great over the bed for reading. Will definitely buy another set for living area.