At Polygon we love making products that allow the customer to be creative. Our tiles can be installed in any configuration so we love seeing what people create. Check out some of Polygon customer uploads below.

polygon lights 5 star reviews



 Polygon lights video of customer using the touch lighting system customer review
polygon lights customer swiping across light installation touch lighting  
 polygon lights flower small girl swiping touch sensitive lighting
polygon lights youtube unboxing review touch sensitive lighting  
polygon lights instagram video swiping touch sensitive tile lights
 instagram video of polygon lights with packaging touch lighting set up
polygon lights review and unboxing youtube video from losgranostv
Some more of our customers reviews below, feel free to add your own! 
Based on 34 reviews
Lots of Light
Good but semi-permanent
Beautiful functional and unique!
Love it!
Lookin cool, but not available in my country :(
Love it
special product special services
Great with one suggestion
Thanks Matthew! Great to hear the lights are going down well. We do like to make sure the lights stay on the wall but send us an email and maybe we can help out with the wall damages :)
Look look
It is crazy! Thanks chung
How have I only just seen this
Thanks Lawrence!
Let us know if you can send us a picture of your set up, we love seeing customer creativity!
Lights up a wall!
We love to hear that people are talking about them! Always a great ice breaker...
Cool lights
Cool design lights
Fantastic light
Best lights ever
Good reading light
Brilliant buy
Transforms the room