Corner Connector

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Polygon Starter pack is everything you need to get going with 5 tiles included. Add more tiles with the Expansion Pack.   

Extend the possibilities of your Nanoleaf Light Panels even further! Bend around corners, mount the light panels to angled surfaces, maybe even create something a little radical.


Whats included:
-Power supply (with 2 metre cable)
-5 tile modules.
-Sticky pads.
Polygon light graphic
*Each power supply can operate 65 light tiles.

Polygon lights ideas
   Some 5 tile designs
Built to last.
Polygon ™ light tiles use the latest in LED technology. This gives them a life span of over 50,000 hours. Thats 17 years at 8 hours a day!

Fit to your space.
The Polygon tiles are completely modular! Build them into any structure and allow your creativity to shape your space. 

Tactile experience.
Touch sensitive lighting brings you closer to the technology. A fun and engaging physical interaction.